Driving 'The Beast' through South-America

GPS logs, reports and pictures

The route

The Garmin Montana 600 GPS has moved from the motorcycle to 'The Beast' (a democratically chosen, on its 'presidential' weight-inspired nickname for a Toyota LandCruiser 100). The Montana is the GPS for all navigation applications: with one touch on the touch screen, it is ready for use at sea, or for walks in the city or in the woods. Usually the Montana travels on the dashboard, where it keeps track of where we were:

As on the other pages on this website, clicking on the square on the right of the blue band at the top of the map will open a new window where you can zoom in more easily.


Isabelle Reports were written this time around, mainly by Isabelle. Her blog-entries are (eventually) translated and copied here; the most current version (in Dutch) can be found on Isabelle's blog.

More Current

Just before we left we heard about iOverlander. I don't like products or services that start with a (superfluous) 'i' and I have an aversion to social networks. But: this is a (social) network of people who travel by land (trucks, campers, cars, motorcycles and cyclists) - exactly our target group. They exchange sleeping locations, experiences with garages and (corrupt) governments, they warn for robbers, etc. We readily make use of it and try to contribute where we can. It boils down to the fact that we place a review for almost every (camping) site. This creates a 'logbook' with which you can follow our locations almost real-time.


Photographically we are also active. Together we have an impressive amount of photo cameras (with or without video capabilities), one video camera, a couple of cell phones and other registration toys with us. We collect the part(s) worthy of the prestige in a slideshow (in a new window).