Driving 'The Beast' through South-America

Helping Hands

Busy Body

Hanging out around the car Drinking beer Chat up fellow travellers I am kept pretty busy during the day: driving, setting up camp sites, having a drink, talking to other travelers, finding food, arranging for parts to be found somewhere, hooking up with the local fauna and imitating the locals. There is always something to do or to experience and often we go to sleep early in the evening because all those new impressions exhaust us.

During previous trips I still found time to write (extensive) reports. Now I use that time to evaluate the past day or week with Isabelle and sometimes I just stare in a moment of inner peace and connection with the place where we have settled down this time.

Letting Go

I intended to also write reports on this trip, just like Isabelle. Isabelle writes her reports with reliable regularity, even if it takes effort. I didn't put in the effort from the start and later I let it go (that's modern language for 'given up', I think). And so I reproduce (and translate) Isabelle's reports on this site at (irregular) times. More current versions (in Dutch) can be found on www.demaeght.com.

Hustle parts Socializing with the local fauna Lessons in tree climbing) Filleting a very fresh fish

Isabelle does the reporting from here

The following episodes are written by Isabelle. We start with the driving part of the journey - the way Isabelle experienced the run-up is on her site, under 'preparation'.