Belgium - Australia on an BMW R1100 GS motorcycle, solo.

GPS logs and pictures

The route

I left with a Garmin GPS 45XL, for which I had a special holder made. That GPS, with its rotatable antenna on the side, looks a bit like a phone. In 1998, portable phones were rarer than they are now and my GPS was constantly drawing 'wrong kind of interest'. During the first interruption I bought a Garmin GPS III, which was a lot more inconspicuous. This GPS has served for a long time (about 200,000 kilometers or 125,000 miles). Reading the track log was done through a conventional serial RS232 port, and the files were transferred by e-mail, compressed by a program written by JC. Unfortunately, much of the GPS track log has been lost (due to operating errors, especially). But here's a (partially reconstructed) GPS log:

A new window, which opens after clicking the box at the top right of the blue band at the top of the map, will give you a bigger surface (if your screen is large enough) to check out the details of the route.



A slideshow hasn't been made for this trip.